Greyflood Fort 2

Player name(s) : Poppel

Player rank : Builder+

Private or Public : Private

Name : Fort 2 (probs doesnt need a real name)

Lore : Read all the lore noted in the OG Thread.
Location specific lore :
Fort 2 is one of 4 forts that got converted to noble residence and used for defense of the cardolan towns in the Thrid age.

Overhead plan :

-Main tower will be on a sligthly higher posistion compared to the Outer wall Gate.
-Ditches will be barely visible but still somewhat noticable.

No later additions to the fort like Fort 4 had. just got maintained in the Third age while the fort was in use.

Reference :
Same style fort as shown and made for Fort 4.
Also the ruins made following the arnor ruin guide.


Looks good to me

Same, have fun

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See no problems with it in the context of the larger project, either. Keep me posted on your progress on Discord and ask if you need anything.


Those ditches would be pretty hard to dig since the soil up there would be quite thin. Fine as long as you take this into consideration and stick some rocks in there

I’d say to make sure the ditches are relatively shallow. They’d probably make the dykes behind them higher to compensate.

If it’s made by the Numenoreans, the terrain shouldn’t matter.

didnt start on the ditches yet so im all up for removing them if u guys feel like them being there is questionable.

I’d say ditch it, just don’t go overboard.

Since Whee did the cliffs yesterday can i assume this project completed?

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some of the vegetation still needs some fixing on top of the cliffs

been taken care of

Still some veg to be done at the foot of the cliff


Veg now all taken care off.
Think this project is done now unless anyone has final points to be resolved.


Agreed, I think that this project can now be closed and archived. Good job, Poppel.


Alright, awesome!