Greyflood Fort 2

Player name(s) : Poppel and later Darth.

Player rank : Builder+

Private or Public : Private

Name : Fort 2 (probs doesnt need a real name)

Lore : Read all the lore noted in the OG Thread.
Location specific lore :
Fort 2 is one of 4 forts that got converted to noble residence and used for defense of the cardolan towns in the Thrid age.

Overhead plan :

-Main tower will be on a sligthly higher posistion compared to the Outer wall Gate.
-Ditches will be barely visible but still somewhat noticable.

No later additions to the fort like Fort 4 had. just got maintained in the Third age while the fort was in use.

Reference :
Same style fort as shown and made for Fort 4.
Also the ruins made following the arnor ruin guide.


Looks good to me

Same, have fun

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See no problems with it in the context of the larger project, either. Keep me posted on your progress on Discord and ask if you need anything.