Greyflood Fort 10

Player Name: iNamelessi

Player Rank: Builder +

Private or Public: Private

Name: Doesn’t need one

Lore: See Fort and ruined towns thread. Northernmost fort, razed by Angmar so only foundations left
Overhead Plan:

Cardolan Era fort
Arnor Ruins

Time Frame: 1-2 weeks probably


Approved, go ahead.


I think its done now, cheers for the patience

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Will check it out and let you know.

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I like the shape, but I have a few critiques to make before I approve this.

  1. Make more use of top-texture mossy/grassy blocks on the tops of the walls
  2. Change the vegetation used to match the surrounding vegetation, make use of clumping, and remove the majority of the trees
  3. Add a few tufts of athelas

Let me know if you need to talk about any of this in more detail here or on Discord.


Updated the vegetation to address the feedback

It looks like the necessary changes have been made. In Darth’s absence I’m going to declare this project done. Good work!