Greyflood Fort 1

Player name(s): Qwertywasd

Player rank: Builder

Private or Public: Private

Location name: Fort 1 (Unnamed)

Lore: Refer to the main Greyflood post. Specifically, Fort 1 was built by Nùmenoreans but abandoned at the end of the Second Age. The locally available rock is sandstone and I will use that as the building material. As it sits on top of a hill, Fort1 would be particularly interested by weather erosion. The Nort-East corner is on a steeper slope and as such rubble would roll downhill.

Overhead plan:

Terrain: The ground inside the fort will be slightly sloped starting from the main gate all the way to the last one in the main tower. The ditch would look like a really small but wide depression after all those years.

Reference Imagery: ArnorGuide and the other Nùmenorean ruins already completed in the area.


Approved. Keep in mind that this one will be significantly more ruined and overgrown than the other completed forts in the area because of the much earlier date of abandonment. It would be much closer to overgrown mounds with some stonework showing.

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this project is complete.