Great East Road (Brandywine to Bree)

Thread title: Project Application: Great East Road

Player name(s): Kingorrik

Player rank: Builder

Location name: Great East Road

Lore: The great east road was built by the Dwarves in the first age, in order to make travel from Beleriand to the Iron hills easier, and allow passage through all areas that the road passed through - such as Rhovanion - to be quicker and less of a hassle. The road has slowly fallen into disrepair, so much so that by the third age, the walls by the side of the road are broken, and in some areas gone all together. When the Dwarves who lived in Khazad-Dum grew in power, they became more influential in trading, and so the parts of the road which led to them became more widely known.

Overhead plan:
Yellow – Walls, more or less depending on how the area looks in game.
Red- Bridges
There will be trees in a avenue style, but too many to put onto the plan.

Reference Imagery: