Gondor Research Thread v1

Gondor Research Thread, Stage 1: Research from Real Life

Somewhat early for this, but this would be the first stage of the planning process per region and we might as well start it now and compile it over time. Stage 2, categorizing based on lore and deciding on architectural periods for the server, would not occur until after we have collectively compiled a significant amount of research.

*** simply pictures from games or something would be best to go in the inspiration thread, unless it is vital for you to show what you mean.

Cultures encouraged to source from are:
-Ancient Rome
-Ancient Egypt
-Ancient Greek city-states (Mycenae, etc.)

Later periods like renaissance or baroque architecture is discouraged unless there is very good reason to add it in. Likewise, Medieval Europe is also discouraged as a direct inspiration for Gondor.

Each ‘official’ post/compilation should be labeled as per this format:
Culture(s): (Type of culture your research centres around)
Source Type: (old maps/layouts, a book found, etc.)
What’s in it?: What the source tells us, certain aspects of the culture/architecture that could be better applied to Gondor
Ingame Concepts: Any ingame concepts based on architecture or layouts in the sources that better allow us to transfer the ideas to Gondor at a later point are appreciated. This section is not required, and honestly if need be can be posted in the inspiration thread, but I’ll put it here anyway in case one wants to post something.
Additional materials/notes: Further links, if you compiled a google doc with multiple sources you’d put it here, etc.

I myself am rather horrible at compiling good google documents, but if possible if someone would be able to make a public google drive with documents for each one of the cultures mentioned, it might clutter this thread less and allow us to transfer old posts from here to there as to better organize the information.