Game not crashing but getting stuck while loading


how did you install the modpack?: I used the launcher
have you installed Java 8?: Yes
when does the problem happen?: During the launch
problem: This is the step that it stops on: [18:05:27] [Client thread/ERROR] [FML]: Suppressed additional 3722 model loading errors for domain acblocks
My client was working completely fine yesterday and I didn’t make any changes to my computer. So i’m not entirely sure why I’m getting this bug now.


Update: I just self-installed the mod-pack and everything works fine, so I can continue using that. However I’m still not sure why the launcher just suddenly started not working.


Would need the full log file & any crash reports from the launcher to figure that one out.
Sounds like it could be an issue with one of the extra mods that comes with the launcher maybe