Game Crash after seeing spawn

-1073740940 crash code, I couldn’t find a crash report.
I’m running Java 8 and I have installed Optifine. Please help me as I couldn’t find the same problem in the forum.

Also Crashes creating a singleplayer world in the modpack after I get into the game for a second.


It seems for me it was a weird interaction between flywheel and my AMD graphics card. This resolved after editing the flywheel-client.toml under config. Changed the backend = “INSTANCING”
to backend = “OFF”. Leaving this here in case anyone else has an issue regarding the exit code -1073740940 and wants to try this.

This should fix your issue. However we are updating the server this evening to a completely different launcher/version where this issue will not exist. I’d recommend joining our Discord and watching the announcements channel - we don’t really use these forums any more!

Thanks for your response. I joined your Discord Channel and will look into this more.

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