Player name(s): iNamelessi, ChevytheCat (current leaders), Glov (old leader)

Player rank: Builder+

Public Project

Location name: Village 6







Accepted as long as there is a place for the farmers livestock to stay at, in the main building or in a outbuilding by the farmers plot.


/warp wfv6
[Westfold Village 6]


I fixed the materials issue Whe had for the most part. I also think I’ve gotten the interiors right and the livestock pens. I’ll be doing the gardens next in an allotment style similar to what you had in Bree. Then I’ll finish the layout and make it public.

However, I would like some feedback on the exteriors and especially the front of the houses closest to the road, because atm they feel too hobbitish to me. @Benzathoth


Looks good to me, don’t forget adding smaller outbuildings for storage and a place for the animals to stay in the winter.

Also don’t mix in full blocks in a roof with the staircase block.


Village 6 is Open
Feel free to build.

Select a plot and place your name on a sign above it.
All houses are farmers unless otherwise indicated.
House outlines are suggested. Please feel free to change the size and shape slightly.
Please follow the general Westfold style around Helm’s Deep. Although feel free to add some more Anglo-Saxon influence as well.
Green dotted lines indicate mud brick walls.
Please create livestock pens with adjacent smaller outbuildings for animals. (e.g: chicken coop)
Please detail around your house and adjacent to the road.
Please include signs of necessary tasks around the houses such as weaving, ropemaking, baking, etc.
Follow all rules set out by Ben in the Westfold thread.


@iNamelessi is taking over this project


Was slowly working on this, and others had started to help, but whatever.

I assume the reason for changing my diagonal house was to make it smaller, but please dear god do not make roofs like that. I’d recommend using full blocks/vert slabs/corner blocks instead.

In regards to the roads I was taking inspiration for KCD



Having grass encroaching on the road in places, and muddier more worn parts of the road developing, as well as stones along some of the edges.

Also last I recall Ben wanted more white plaster but according to Whe it would be costly to bring out to the plains. So I’d suggest a Healthy mix of White Plaster for larger households, and then Wood or Wattle, and Mud walls (brown plaster works for that) for the rest.

I’d also round the roof edges.
Could do some more dramatically like this.



And the rest with a single block off like my example house.



Finally. The Large Garden on the West side was intended to be a large allotment for the houses surrounding it, Similar to the ones in Bree. The Gardens on the East side were going to be more like this.



Check with Ben but that empty area on the road West out of the town would be a good place for pollards.

Wouldn’t overdo it with trees. There are some nice new bushes in 1.12 i’d spam those to add vegetation in bare spots.


Hey Glov thanks so far for your feedback and thoughts,
Yeah the house was a bit large so I just trimmed it down a bit and changed the angle a bit to flow along the road slightly smoother (the roof was just a throw away thing I was looking at whilst not really paying attention so dont worry it will be going)
The roads can always be changed pretty quickly to make them more like the one you have linked above which look like they will suit the region pretty well however they will need a gradual transition to this as the rest of the Westfold currently has a very homogeneous path mix. The idea of the grass encroaching the road will certainly be used where foot traffic is lower (next to the allotments and gardens as well as the smaller trails and paths. Well travelled areas will be muddier from foot traffic and frequent use as well as animals using them etc…)
Ben messaged me asking for less white plaster a few days ago to use more of the muddy Tudor and the mud stone brick for the houses so I cut down the number of the plastered ones significantly and replaced them with the brown plaster/mud walls. I don’t mind taking inspiration from your rounded edges as they look pretty fitting for the style.
Thanks again.


You guys can co-lead this, I was under the impression that you’d lost interest.


Name can take lead i’ll just build houses when i get the chance.


Either way sounds good to me


Wont be on too much over the next month and a half, if anyone wants to take lead of this they can, I will still be on to help when needed though.

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On a side note, don’t forget about privies. I’ve built two but I’m not sharing them with the rest of the village. And also:


Couple Suggestions,
I would suggest sticking to more exact diagonals for stone walls instead of intentionally irregular lines.
I would use wood shingles on the grain silos rather than thatch.
I might mix in some grey thatch simply for variety’s sake?


With all the buildings in Fugoldun all wrapped up and the very final stages being wrapped up Chevy and I would like to say thanks to: @Thrifkgar, @Dillcat, @Glov, @HermannKm, @philippetora, @Dreasp, @LucPoppel, @wheellee, @Ahorn and all others who have helped out with this project along the line.


Fugoldun: meaning Bird Hill
Current population: 132
Notable trades: Baker, Blacksmith, Brickmaker, Butcher, Chandler, Fletcher, Groomer,
Miller, Potter, Weaver, Wheelwright

Fulgoldun lies in the northeast of Westfold, between (WFV5) and Stanbrycg. It was named after the perception of its founders that of being an area where an unusual amount of birds would gather. Regardless of the truth or misconception of said belief, the village does host a large variety of fowl due to the practice of building bird houses for the purpose of harvesting eggs. A sizeable market lies near the eastern entrance and is a place of interest for those passing through. Several Beorning families live in the village, none of whom are of the shape-shifting variety.

A few notable citizens:
Aldwyn – retired warrior who once served in the Hornburg. Aldwyn is the wealthiest resident and can usually be found sitting in a wheelchair near the hearth. Although retired, he can still wield an axe or sword better than the average man.

Sceotend and his wife, Lynette – Fletchers. Make prized arrows with raven fletching which are said to have an unusually great flight distance and accuracy.

Eoman and wife, Sibley- Bakers. Known for their herb bread and sweet apple pies which are made from the fruit of the local orchard.


Also kudos to @Fornad and @Beathaven for advice and guidance.