Player name: Natanyagrad

Player rank: Builder

Location name: Frogmorton

Lore: A village in the East Farthing, “right on the Great East road”, “about 22 miles from Brandywine Bridge.” It would therefore, most probably, be a linear settlement, and because of its position, one could assume it would be quite involved in trading. This would mean the presence of one or two markets.
As the town is on a main road and it is quite a convenient place to stop – inns may have, due to this, sprung up. A particular instance of this is The Floating Log, “a good inn.” The name’s translation-’Frog Moor Land’ might infer it to be a boggy moor covered in heather. Just along from Frogmorton sat another inn, the All Welcome Inn. It was located at the junction of the Northway and the East Road on the Bywater side of Frogmorton. It was much used by travellers, especially Dwarves from the Ered Luin.

Overhead Plan

Basic Field Plan:

Green = Forested area with cattle
Bright Pink = Resting
Pinky Purple = Pigs
Blue = Wheat/Barley
Black = Cabbage
As it is a boggy area, these are probably the best suited vegetables/animals.

Basic House Plan:

Black = Floating Log Inn
Pink = Regular Housing
Blue = Potter
Red = Fisherman
Green = Market Place
Grey = Road
Yellow = Farm House
Turquoise = Trees
White-y Area = Boggy/Water Logged Land


House Concept:

Probably easier to access the suitability of my housing concept by seeing it in-game - /warp NatFrogmorton
Boggy/Water Logged Land]



Possibly the Floating Log: I quite like the shape of this for the floating log, with the doors and such but I will probably make it a thatch roof similar to my housing concepts.

Boggy/Water Logged Land

Thanks for the consideration,
Any ideas welcome,