Folde Quarry


Folde Quarry
Player name(s): Creepy

Player rank: B+

Private or Public: Private

Location name: Folde quarry

Lore: nothing ever mentioned in the books. This quarry just supplies the fold, e.g foundations or other stuff such as defensive buildings

Overhead plan:

In-game guide: first ill lay it out, then ill ask few peoples opinion before i proceed

Terrain: the path connecting the Quarry to the main road will be touched a Little, the camp site will be touched and ill Just make the rest look fancy.

Reference Imagery: all the other quarries that are done in Rohan so far.

1.5/2 weeks


Wouldn’t it make more sense to have your storage downhill, in all cases. Same for overseeing. It is much easier to supervise a steep slope from below. I guess one would merely store tools uphill, if any.


Could be, thanks for your opinion, this is just to give an idea, ill bear yours in mind

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The blue road needs to be less steep and the red quarry lines need to be a bit straighter and not follow every little bump in the mountain.

Would also be cool to see some nice cranes and pully systems somewhere.


Sure ill be doing that, this layout just helps me and ill not be replicating it exact ingame. I shall see to the cranes, thanks

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Could a leader of the folde or an overseer please respond?

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respond to what?


Accept or reject this project

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Yeah go for it. Just please please please make sure that it all makes sense and that it actually would be able to function like a real quarry.


Update: The quarry itself is finished, the camp will be finished within the next few days.