Folde Lumber Yard

Player name(s): [0KUHAKU]

Player rank: [BUILDER]

Private or Public: [ dont knwo the scope of the project yet but i might make it semi public if needed like ot do private stuff but i am open tonew things]

Location name: [FLC2]

Lore: [ in the meantime i am going to do recerchs for the lore but i know where to look for and for further referecne models from other games and my history classes while studien carpentry]

Overhead plan: [layout is in link]

In-game guide: [will make a ingame buide whilst i am building the sawmill/ lumberyard]

Terrain: [for the terain i want to have a higer river so i can make a wheel powered saw for cutting the wooden logs into pieces]

Reference Imagery: [ ] [ ]

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Hey! As far as the layout goes, it looks a little big, but that might be just the scale that you drew it at. You can go ahead and just layout in wool and I would be happy to check it out for you. Apologies this hasn’t been responded to sooner. I can give you more feedback when I see it laid out. Don’t get started on any buildings though until I take a look.


i had also the idea of it beeing a famly owned lumberyard / homestead. so it is like an almost self sustaining place the size can be seen as a small vilage for quite some people but i thought you guys like the idea of it. it also could serve as a hub for other homesteads in the area for carpentry and other house items made from wood.

would like to have feedback on this if possible.
then i can start building.
thanks in advance

Will take a look when i get home today

I would like to see multiple saw pits, as well, and places where the trees are stripped of bark. You said you were going to make a layout (in-game), but I haven’t seen you post one online, or ask for feedback in-game. Ask someone with builder plus to copy the map section to freebuild so you can do some layouts, or concepts. Right now there isn’t much to give feedback on

Whee has approved the new layout for the lumberyard and i hope you guys are ok with it aswell.

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ok the build is in the overworld now and i am wraping things up going to look how to do the choped up trees

i think i am done with the lumberyard and i hope one of the leaders can look over it to see iif it up to standards.

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Ok Danoir gave me some comments, changed those and hope it is allright i am open for more.

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changed the comments and it is now fully done

Looks good to me! Nice work 0KU