Folde Homestead 9

player name: 1aw_

player rank: Builder+

private or public: private

location name: folde homestead 9

lore: basic Folde lore

overhead plan:

The remaining space will be filled by adding various other necessities for a homestead (well, smaller storage buildings, etc.)
reference imagery:
The materials used are in the pictures are not definitive as I will try to keep the same style as nearby homesteads (Mainly Beat’s fh12)

The last image shows a round storage building with a timber tower built on top found on this site:

It is just a concept and if the project leaders feel like it has no place in this homestead I will simply remove it.


Looks good to me overall. The only thing I’m unsure about is that circular building, doesn’t translate well into minecraft really. I’d say maybe replace it with another builder/shed/barn or something, up to you. Accepted granted you take those things into mind.

edit: also use diagonal stairs and slabs on your walls in your diagonal buildings, check the FHF area for good examples of diagonal houses.


Replace with Silo?


Looks good so far! Just want to point out though that the ceilings should be thatched and supported with beams (check edoras for example) instead of fully planked. If it’s too bright with the thatch then add another full-block between the roof and the ceiling to darken it.

Bit more stave/fence/wood instead of too much bricks would also look better I think.


Accepted. Looks really good, thanks for the help!