Folde Homestead 8

Folde Homestead 8 (/warp fh8)

Builder name(s): Poppelman112

Player rank: Builder+

Private or Public: Private

Location name: Folde Homestead 8

Lore: Folde, Homestead 8 lies along a road at wich you will find more homesteads. it is really close to Fh9 and i tried to avoid these two merching together to much as i was afraid that at that point it would start to look more like a small village then 2 separate homesteads.

Overhead plan
all animal area will be changed as in vegetation and ground according to wich animal is in wich pen. this plan doenst include a little veg garden but i will include one just south of the stables so taking a bit of space of the horse area

Reference Imagery:

(not using the materials as this but i like the layout of it.)

Deadline: Doing this project as a little break from TH and hope i can complete this within 2 weeks depending on how active i can be in the following days.


Looks great, accepted! Make sure to remember to follow the AngloSaxon-Guide for those little details and the overall simplistic aesthetic.


Looking good, only thing I’d change atm is to reduce the amount of foundation stone you’re using. Maybe just crank it down and use more wood and what not instead. Otherwise v nice.

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Homestead has been checked and finished up in-game. All is done, thanks again for the help.