Folde Homestead 7


Project Application: Folde Homestead 7

Player name(s) : Natanyagrad

Player rank : Builder+

Private or Public : Private

Lore : See Folde Thread

Overhead plan :

Concepts : Largely drawing on the work and concepts provided by Eag and Micah in S2 houses.



Will also try to pull in any particularities in style from Village 3 seeing as it is right next door.

Cheers, all feedback welcome as usual.


Going to bump this, wouldn’t mind getting started.


Oh shiet didn’t see your app, sorry. Looks great to me, feel free to start whenever. Try to follow the layout and shape of the houses similar to the FHF area, nice E L O N G A T E D houses.

Deadline is early Feb


Any updates on this?


Couple of things came up, but as far as I’m concerned the early Feb deadline is still realistic.