Folde Homestead 6

Folde Homestead 6 (/warp fh6)

Player name(s): philippetora

Player rank: Builder+

Private or Public: private

Location name: Folde Homestead 6

Lore: A family and relatives/friends moved out of a village and try their luck in building a homestead. They have already finished one living house. Another building is in a building process and the other houses are already planned

Overhead plan:

red: Living houses
black: stables/cows
yellow: chickens
blue: pigs
green circle: vegetables etc
orange: apple trees
green: bushes
brown: fences
Reference Imagery:

and of course the example houses by Eaglz

extra information : even only one house is finished, they have already done most of the vegetable garden to survive and small apple trees are already planted. The building in the building process will be the stables. Perhaps they have 1 or 2 tents to sleep, because there is not enough space in one house. Carts etc. are there too


I would suggest consolidating the three living houses and stables into one longer hall, and have an outbuilding or two aside from that. In older homesteads in anglo-saxon/nordic areas, they’d actually incorporate the stables in a cordoned off section of the house or hall, as to conserve body heat.


ok, I`ll update the overhead plan


Yeah, what whe said is true. If you want a good example of this go to /warp FH2. The main long house has a section where the horses would be kept to insulate the house. I like this idea, will give some cool variety to the region. Looking good, I will comment more on it when the overhead is updated.

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ok, can i still make one building, in which only animals live?

I think Micah wants to you include animals in the human houses as well, but I suppose you could also have a barn for just animals.


red/dark blue: living(long) house with pigs
red/dark green: living(long) house with cows
orange: barn/few horses
yellow: chickens
dark red: shed
light green: vegetable garden
light blue: apples
brown: walls/fences
green: bushes


That’s a lot better already. Maybe another thing you could do is extend the homestead to the other side of the road too a bit, maybe just with some farms or orchards or whatever. Doesn’t have to be but it can make it look less isolated and clumped together.


i had the same idea, but on the other side of the road is a village

do you mean this area (black circle)? This could work yes


Sorry about the wait, but since Section 2 is up I see no reason to not accept this unless @eag_inc has anything. Could I ask you to lay it out on the main map and I can take a look before you get started? Other than that I’d say you’re welcome to start planning.


layout is done

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The homestead is done!
First, thanks to everyone who gave me some tips, especially a big thank you to Ytsen who did the fields and some final touches!
It was really fun to build and it brings more detail to the Folde,


Looks great! Thanks a lot.