Folde Homestead 5

Project Application: Folde Homestead 5 (/warp fh5)

Player name(s): iFishy

Player rank: Builder +

Private or Public: private

Location name: Folde Homestead 5

Lore: small homestead with a veggie garden, chicken coops. they conentrate on weaving.

Overhead plan:

Reference Imagery: i will use mudstone for the base but will use these for general reference.


The plan looks good, only thing I’d change is the shape of the houses. They should be far more longer and rectangular rather than box-like. They should look more like this:

You also shouldn’t be afraid to space them out a little bit more, if we cramp all the homesteads together in clumps then the place will look a bit weird. You don’t need to go as spaced out as in the picture above, but a bit more would be nice, you can connect buildings as well while spacing them out to provide a balanced affect.

Otherwise it’s good, if you keep that in mind for your main-map homestead then you can begin. Accepted.


i was in that museum lol

i think im done. not sure though, might be missing something.


Had another look around today, there’s a few things I’d like to see changed. Mainly just your path/ground work needs some more grass around the area. Not a lot but having every corner be filled to the brim with evenly placed dirt is not the most realistic. If you can add a bit more grass/vegetation around the edges and places that are not as trodden then that’d be great. As previously stated we’ll do the path gradients ourselves so just worry about the grass.

Otherwise fantastic job, looks great! Big fan of the weaving area.


did the grass patches now. thank you for the feedback!


This looked all good.