Folde Homestead 18

Player name(s):blazertrail

Player rank:builder+

Private or Public:Private

Location name:FH18

Lore:Folde lore, it is right next to FLC2 so I decided to use more wood, it is also on a road that from Aldburg to Edoras which I think would increase trade

Overhead plan:

blue-wooden structure
red-stone/plaster struceture
brown-pigs or cows

Terrain:its on a hilly area which could be flattened if you think that would work better

Reference Imagery:mostly this

but with more wood in it


Looks good to me. I like that it isn’t its own complex and is on each side of the road. It’s accepted from me and I’ll hopefully have some time in game to take a look at progress. Again if you have any questions feel free to ask me over Discord. If anyone else has any comments feel free to post them here.


As agreed with @Blazertrails, the deadline for this project is two weeks. Accepted and good luck!


just wondering is the Holloways around/through the homestead part of the project and should I do it?

If you enjoy doing those, feel free. They are not really a part of your homestead.

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Hey Blazer,
How is this project going? We agreed on a two week deadline, which is now almost three weeks ago…
We have some concerns about the location of the homestead, especially in regards to the terrain and how the buildings fit into this.

Foundations like the ones pictured below are not in the Folde-style, especially the huge stone foundations on what are essentially huts. Besides this, these foundations just don’t look good. They look very out of proportion compared to the buildings and create a very weird dynamic between them, look at the stairs connecting the two stables together for example. I would also suggest sticking to one type of stone if foundations are needed. I would pick drystone, considering there is a quarry quite close in Aldburg and this material is also used in the city.


Now, how to fix this? I think that the current location is not very good for a homestead like this. I’d suggest moving it to the north-west, see below. This gives you a much flatter area and pretty much a blank canvas to work on.

New Location

Lastly, try to save as much buildings of the old location as possible and try to rearrange them into something more similar to the homesteads picture below. Look at the dynamic between the building and the interaction of the volumes and how these homesteads differ from yours. For example, almost all of the buildings are detached, a bit more spread out, and follow the curve of the road. The homesteads pictured are quite close to yours after all.

Homestead outside of FV5

I hope I gave you enough feedback to turn this homestead into something beautifull and if you have any further questions feel free to respond here or send me a PM.


Ok thanks for the feedback, should I keep the same layout and buildings or completely start over?

Try to save the buildings, this simply saves work, and rearrange them to make them like the other homesteads.

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what do you think of this new plan?

would be better if the stable was diagonal as well I think. Try to make sure walls are at most 2 blocks high in all buildings.


This simple homestead has not been touched in months, even though it could have been finished in a few weeks. I’m taking you off the project and opening it to new leadership. PM me if interested.

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i think this is done. i will pm you beat

I was away for a couple weeks which is why it wasn’t finished. its not currently finished, although mostly done the only thing that needs done is the interior of the stables are you still taking over or should I just finish it.

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ive finished the last room so it should be done now


Checked, well done!