Folde Homestead 12

Player name: Beathaven

Player rank: Admin

Private or Public: Private

Location name: Folde Homestead 12

Lore: Folde

Overhead plan:

Reference Imagery: Folde


Looks good go for it, your majesty.


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Just a few things I wanted to point out with what you’ve done so far.

The first thing is the overall wattle and daub you’ve done so far. Atm it’s a bit too advanced for the time period, it looks more like medieval to late medieval so I think just simplifying the tudor a bit more would be great.

The mudbricks is also a tad excessive, I know it’s not stone but generally they’d use the foundation stone (if at all) at the ground-level meaning that the stone wouldn’t often stick out. There’s a few instances where we have that already in the Folde so we’ll have to edit them a bit where they don’t make sense. But the brick ramps you’ve got so far are too advanced for a simple farming homestead imo

Then there’s a few other smaller things that you can use the AS-Guide to touch on. Notably the ceiling not being thatched and the windows being too excessively used (usually like 1-2 or 3 for larger buildings is more than enough, if at all). So just making the place more primitive and less advanced in general would go a long way to making it look better with the surroundings and be more realistic. But good job so far, will look v neat when it’s done.

Oh and lastly, I saw the oven thing you made outside, wouldn’t hurt to read through this and apply what it says to your homestead. Since it says that ovens were only really used indoors, then making a small bakehouse would look quite nice.


I have to somewhat disagree with you on the ceiling part there. First, in your 17 pages you do not touch on the ceiling subject at all and even your example village FHF has covered roofs all around. Which brings me to my critique, your suggested ceiling as much as it is accurate is sometimes overdone in current projects and i want to bring it up to discussion. In all the images of roof undersides you still clearly see a lot of beams maybe around 20 to 30 cm apart and often with wattle in between. This is far denser than the sometimes 5+ blocks of open, unsupported thatch in finished projects in the Folde (I know I’m late to the party for these projects and I’m sorry to only comment about them/this now). In my opinion this is too much of a break with our up to this point build tradition where we meticulously made sure to support our roofs. Since you want to have the thatch showing on the underside I suggest to make sure there’s only up to 2, maybe 3 in rare occasions, blocks between supporting vertical beams and maybe add horizontal beams too. You can also use the stair models with their transparency for a similar effect. Furthermore add this to your Folde guide in the respective thread so people know about how you want the roofs to look like.


Yeah I agree they’ve not been used that well in some cases, probably should add it to the guide as you suggested. Was planning on expanding it by adding a few other stuff like charcoal burning and bakehouses and shit like that, just takes a while to write it all up.

Played around with the ceilings a bit in Edoras and using the upside down wooden-staircase model in conjunction with beam models worked pretty well. And the other transparent staircases that you suggested are great too, especially for diagonals.

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This Homestead is done for now. Possible editing will be pushed forward.

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Up to the project leads to decide when its done tbh


Seeing as this homestead will almost definitely get the Bomber Harris invitation at the end of the Folde, it makes it easier for us that it’s unfinished and undetailed anyway. <o/

Project closed for the time being. Thanks for the help so far :sunglasses: