Folde Homestead 10

Player name: Xone

Player rank: Builder

Private or Public: Private

Location name: FH10

Lore: Folde Lore

Overhead plan:

Terrain: Flatten it a little

Reference Imagery: Homesteads in the area and the Folde guide

Hey Xone, this doesn’t look bad. However I think that if you think about the layout a bit more, it can be improved a lot. You’ve got quite a bit of space, so use it. By building the main building where you’ve marked it, the space behind it becomes a weird kind of void. I would just line the building up with the fence a few blocks west. I would also place the barn on the west side of the road, and closer to the main building. This way it becomes a more cohesive whole. Look at the homestead east of Blue’s for reference.

Width-wise the main building is fine, but I would suggest making it longer. That way its shape will be more appealing and potentially you could also have animals inside at one end. Maybe even opt out of the barn having animals. I also think you’d only need one storage unit, if at all. You could make a smaller granary, or make a weaving house or a bake house.

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redone layout

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Everything is built and just needs to be looked over

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Looks good nice job.