Folde Hillfort

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Player name(s) : MicahVanderman and Eaglz24

Player rank : Overseer and Builder+

Private or Public : Public

Location name : Folde Hillfort (/warp fhf)

Lore: Unfinished Tales, “Cirion and Eorl and the Friendship of Gondor and Rohan” Folde

Overhead plan: Rough and very basic idea of the settlement outside the Hillfort.

The hillfort itself has already been completed for the most part, however the adjacent settlement has been planned to fill the 125 population mark of the hillfort. The size of the settlement is smaller than the average village but larger than the Harrowdale hamlets. Surrounding buildings will also be planned around the area additionally to the houses planned above.

In-game guide: The hillfort is under Style 1, see the Folde thread for concepts.

Reference imagery:

Timeframe: The deadline is until early January next year.


Because there is very little to do in Rohan at the moment I have opened this to the public.

In the image below, shown in red, are the locations of houses that are open and in varying stages of completion.

If a house in circled in black in this image it is not open because it is either going to be removed or I haven’t decided on a purpose for it yet. Also note that the lower level of the hillfort is closed.

All houses that have been marked in the image above are marked similarly in game.


The second section of FHF is open now (yay), it includes 2 longhouses and a meadhall amidst plenty of other filthy peasants.

Much like the last post the area in red is the newly opened bit.


This was probably mentioned in the meeting but Whe and I plan to rework some of the area around the hillfort to look more how we intended. I will be more specific when both whe and I have more time.