Fangorn: OLD

Player rank: Overseer

Private or Public: Private, but with work for a few interested builders

Location name: Fangorn

Lore: ‘Yes, it is old,’ said Aragorn, ‘as old as the forest by the Barrow-downs, and it is far greater. Elrond says that the two are akin, the last strongholds of the mighty woods of the Elder Days…’

‘It reminds me, somehow, of the old room in the Great Place of the Tooks away back in the Smials at Tuckborough: a huge place, where the furniture has never been moved or changed for generations… But that is nothing to the old feeling of this wood. Look at all those weeping, trailing, beards and whiskers of lichen! And most of the trees seem to be half covered with ragged dry leaves that have never fallen. Untidy. I can’t imagine what spring would look like here, if it ever comes; still less a spring-cleaning.’

‘It does not look or feel at all like Bilbo’s description of Mirkwood. That was all dark and black, and the home of dark black things. This is just dim, and frightfully tree-ish. You can’t imagine animals living here at all, or staying for long.’

Overhead plan:

Brown = approximate lore path
Red = Ent houses
White = special locations: Wellinghall, Quickbeam’s house, Derndingle, Treebeard’s hill

Plan for Completion: Most of the work for this project will be detailing the area along the lore path, as well as Entwash and Limlight (though Entwash is basically included in the lore path anyway). Since this will undoubtedly be the most tedious part of the project, I plan to do it first. After that, there are nine non-lore Ent houses that will be up for grabs. More info on these to follow. The special lore locations will come last.

Lore path includes the length of the Entwash, the area between Wellinghall and Derndingle, that between Derndingle and Quickbeam’s house, and the route from there to Isengard. Vertical slabs, trapdoors, etc. applied to trees, some layering. Both the Entwash and the Limlight should be detailed to a similar degree as the Isen in Nan Curunir

Terrain: Yup

Reference Imagery:



Looks good from my perspective.


Looks good, go ahead!




Wait for quarterblocks


Could maybe use those for some of the Ents that have “gone tree-ish”

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Alright folks, the moment I’m sure everyone’s been waiting for: Ent homes are now open to be claimed. Message me before claiming; since these projects involve pasting in trees, you must have WE to apply.

Each one is meant to represent a particular type of tree:

  • ent1 (pine): unclaimed
  • ent2 (spruce): unclaimed
  • ent3 (birch): built by Lind
  • ent4 (chestnut): claimed by olaf16
  • ent5 (ash): unclaimed
  • ent6 (sycamore): unclaimed
  • ent7 (beech): built by Lind
  • ent8 (alder): built by Lind
  • ent9 (oak): claimed by Sunwing

These “houses” are really just relatively open spaces covered by the forest canopy. Each home should be unique and special, made in a way that best shows off the tree type. The space around it should blend into the surrounding forest. There are two things each one needs: some sort of shelter (which can just be the trees themselves if they provide enough cover, or you could build a stone structure like the picture below), and a source of water. Most of these warps are already set relatively close to a stream, but some may need a spring. These houses can also have a table and a bed, which at their simplest can just be large flat stones, as in ent7. At their fanciest, they can look something like this:

Keep in mind, Ents are about 4-5 blocks tall, and not very flexible. They do not sit.

Copy a section of terrain over to /warp fbfangorn and work on it there. Once I approve it, you can paste it back onto the main map. Thank you!