Eurotrip 2.0

Part of on boarding for my new job includes sending me to the Corporate HQ in Sweden for a couple days. This will happen at some point during my first year but i’m not sure when yet. Regardless, I plan to take as much PTO as I can when I get there since my company will pay for my ticket there and back.

I’ll be flying into Copenhagen and spending 3 or so days in Lund for onboarding. Where i’ll end up going while I take my PTO, before or after, i’m not sure. A lot will depend on travel expenses.

Anyway I was hoping to get some suggestions from our friendly neighborhood Europeans so I can plan well ahead for whenever it comes up.

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I’ve been advised by my Swedish co-workers not to go during the winter lest I kill myself.
Spring/Summer best to explore Sweden/Norway? I need to kayak some fjords. Might hit up Copenhagen as well.

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so go then