Eryn Vorn

Hey, in these corona times I’ve decited to work on Eryn Vorn, here is the application:
Eryn Vorn

Yeah, it is a new format, wanted to play around in adobe indesign for the first time, just for fun. Lol…

Suggestions and feedback is appreciated.



Great stuff.

My main thought is on the Gwathuirim who live here. We know from Fellowship that “no other Men had settled dwellings so far west” in reference to Bree. So these guys would be semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer types. Possibly seasonal nomads, fishing during the summer and living further inland (maybe some of them in the caves/sinkholes) during winter?


Yeah, I like that.

Maybe something like this? More scattered around during the summer, and in the winter they somewhat come together.


I love this, and also I like the idea of the semi nomadic dwelling. It hasn’t been discussed officially, but we were thinking of having a similar approach for the fisher-folk of enedwaith, so this could be a good way to link them and underline the common origin.

If you need a hand with the big trees or the fallen ones, I’ll be happy to help out. :+1:


Ty! Mhm.

All help is very appreciated. :slight_smile: