Elven Inspiration and Concepts


A thread for inspiration/ concept builds in Elven styles, be it housing, farms or terrain.


An idea I had for Forlond or something. Canals leading off from the main docks and stuff sort of built using the estuary I guess:

Rivendell Feast Hall:





Not quite sure if this would fit from a lore POV, but thought it would be cool to have noldorian gardens (in Forlond?) more structured and groomed, would create an interesting contrast with the free, wild gardens of Mithlond and Harlond. Thoughts?


While I can imagine the gardens being like this in Forlond’s height of power, the reason Mithlond has wild gardens is because they’ve been abandoned and aren’t as maintained. Forlond is even more abandoned than Mithlond. Maybe there will still be some enthusiastic elves intent on preserving the gardens around influential structures, but not many that will be as tame – I’d assume. I do love the look, though!


I think that was the plan @Natanyagrad . If you look in the Mithlond palace (which is essentially Gil Galad’s part-time seat of power when he used to stay in Mithlond) the gardens are structured very similar to that. The Mithlond/Harlond ‘messy’ look is Sindar influence as far as I know.



Some facades:

Mostly stuff from Turner Mohan