Player name(s): Creepyboy666

Beat asked me to do this, and I couldnt refuse, I just want to be more active on this server and I cant reach that goal while doing the misties atm. I understand that 1 project is max but dont worry. :slight_smile:

Player rank: builder+

Private or Public: Private, No one wants to do this willingly and alone I can do it my way, just like trollshaws and Angle. this will be the fastest

Location name: Arnortown7

Lore: This was a town in Arthedain unmentioned in the books. It is close to a river and a forest so the town should have used those. It lay at the border of Arthedain so that means that it wasn’t a trade town. That’s why I think it was specialized in the forest nearby. So much of the houses would have been of wood. That means that there aren’t much foundations left. I think 25 houses should be fine since a part would also have been in the flood plain. The town was destroyed by the forces of angmar in 1974 when Arthedain fell. This means that there is barely anything left of it except some grassy mounds and maybe some rocks scattered here and there. The material is regular stone since the geology is not sandstone. And since angmar lies to the east, most of the village lies on the west banks of the river. And Fornad you keep saying:’’ The houses are too small.’’ I will avoid that, like I did in the trollshaws/Angle.

Overhead plan:

I will follow this layout roughly, Like not the exact sizes of the houses but how it looks and the shape.

In-game guide:

Build this house once as a guide for a town of mine in Arthedain, also destroyed by angmar

Terrain: none, cant think of anything really

Reference Imagery: All the other towns in arthedain. Dont really intend to copy a picture for this town.

Timeframe of this will be 1.5 weeks. I got holiday so ill be fast.

Dont worry for hobbit size houses lol :slight_smile:


Looks good to me! Need two overseers to approve.


Wow i’m not the only person that still wants to build ruins

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This app made me sad

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Looks good. Approved for me

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Oh just wait, if I get my computer back up and running by the time we get to southern eriador, I will build ruins for sure


Ill be there to aid You in that my friend, first misties tho

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I also approve. Go for it, lad.



This town is finished, it took me approximately 2 weeks, The dead-line was 1.5 but I hope you did not really mind that. World-Edit took a bit longer than expected. Feel free to look around, altough it are ruins so not that special. Luckily we are one step closer to finishing off Arnor and Eriador.
For any questions feel free to ask me. I made this town on the way I thought it would be best.
need two overseers to approve.

Yours sincerely,
-Creepy (who else)