Eastemnet Camp 5

Player name(s): @eag_inc & Beathaven

Player rank: Sheepshagging Kraut and Swamp Creature

Private or Public: Private

Location name: Eastemnet Camp 5

Lore: This group of nomads lives in the Eastemnet and their primary source of income is the trade of horses. They travel around the Eastemnet to keep their horses fed. They are now encamped in the mouth of a valley in the Eastemnet Downs. This location keeps them covered from the elements and gives them a more secure location than out on the plains.

Overhead plan:

Red: Tents
Blue: Lugeing
Yellow: Horse storage
Sandstone: Path

Reference Imagery: image


Provided you cut the numbers down to about 50, accepted.

Need an accept from @NikeBisou too.




So far your tents look fine. There are some small details which need revising, you have added rope on the sides of your tents which wouldnt be there as thay appear to be tight and pulling the canvas out. Ropes on the sides of tents are usually used for camping tents that dont have the same structural integrity as the yurts. The use of rope use of rope on tents in that context would be to keep the canvas of the tent straight/in posision if there is a lot of wind. On the yurts the canvas is tied to the frame of the tent, so then having the additional ropes on the sides would kind of defeat the purpose of that, ya know. The second thing would be the doors, in the original post I think I mentioned, or I should have mentioned, that all the doors face the same direction, south, to get the most out of the sun. Which is also seen in your concept pics.

As for the ropes, this is what I mean. The ropes secure the canvas to the frame as seen below.

Here is the frame of the yurt.


Why are there trenches and bridges surrounding each yurt? lol

Testing water drainage concepts


Can we have the drainage system removed? All I want for these camps are tents, wagons, lunging, a horse “park” and possibly a gathering spot (e.g. campfire). Just stick to the guide and follow eec1 to reasonable extent. If you can explain the logic behind having the drainage system I’ll let you keep it.

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Just going to add my personal opinion on the matter. Looking back at some the pictures it appears that the houses are somewhat elevated of the ground to prevent flooding inside. If I am right to say that these people are nomadic then it would make sense to have quick moats dug around the the tents to ensure dry shelters, this would also provide soil for elevating or leveling the foundation. I imagine grasslands get decent rain.


As far as I’m aware there’s no evidence of actual
nomadic cultures doing this though.

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The moats don’t make any sense since if the water table was at ground level then they wouldn’t camp there and if it was below ground level then any rain would infiltrate through the soil. Having a moat wouldn’t help drainage in either of these conditions.


any progress on this?

Do you plan on completing the camp or can it be opened to the public?

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  • Do you plan on completing the camp


  • can it be opened to the public



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EEC5 has been completed.


Approved, given you remove all the wine goblets. Good job mate.