Eastemnet Camp 1

Player name(s): NikeBisou

Player rank: [+]

Private or Public: Private

Location name: Eastemnet


Overhead plan:

In-game guide:


Reference Imagery: See Eastemnet thread.

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Cool, go for it

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Quick question.
What would they do whit their horses/animals? Dont see any area for them. Or would they just be around the tent of their owner?

I am unsure how permanent these camps would be, but I would suggest making the privy no more than 4 screens, a bucket and a hole to empty this bucket.

As for poppel’s comment, I think the horses would be ridden or out grazing. At night, they could be tied to poles outside of the tents. This also to prevent horse thieves.

The process of training a horse takes quite a while, and the horse can not be ridden during the beginning parts of this training. The horse is trained in a number of ways, like being introduced to saddles and flapping objects, but two training methods stick out;

  • Liberty work, sometimes called roundpenning, is the process of working a loose horse in a small area with the handler holding only a long whip or a rope lariat, teaching the horse to respond to the voice and body language of the handler as he or she asks the horse to move faster or slower, to change direction, and to stop.
  • Lungeing is the training of a young horse to move in circles at the end of a long rope or line, usually about 25 to 30 feet long.

I would suggest adding pens around the village where this training would take place. An example of one of these pens can be found further down. You would have to estimate how many horses there would be in this camp and take a part of that to determine the number of young horses and foals. Use this to determine the number of pens needed, but I would add about two of these pens.

Perhaps you can make it to look less permanent, but this gets the point across.


Horses ad livestock should be free roaming so no need for any large pens. You do need a few places to tie up horses but this shouldn’t be enough to tie up the whole herd. A few of these things in the pic below would be fine imo.

I think a few round pens would be nice but make it look less permanent than the one beat has put up; just have grass and a ring of dirt like in this picture (obviously with wooden/wattle fences though.

Good Luck!


Thanks @Oriol & @Beathaven for your input, I’ll be sure to make some adjustments and add in the pens.

To the best of my judgement the camp is complete. There’s probadly something I’ve missed, so if you see something that shouldn’t be there or should be there but isn’t, please tell me. @Fornad