Player name(s): Chevy and Beathaven

Player rank: Builder+, Overlord

Private or Public: Public

Location name: FV5

Lore: Folde Lore

Overhead plan:

In-game guide: There is an in game guide floating above the area…same as fv4. Also, use Schephurst as a reference.

Terrain: Beathaven has created the terrain.

Reference Imagery: image0-1 image0

This is going to follow the POL system. Builders are expected to complete their entire plot including allotments and details (chicken coups, log piles, laundry, as examples)

Each plot has main buildings and purpose marked out.

Lower section would open up initially and center bailey will be last. Wall details will also probably be made available for public


Looks good. Go for it.


After a check by @MicahVanderman , FV5 is done and has been renamed to Eamund. Ea-, which means river and -mund, which means protection.
On behalf of @Chevy_the_cat and myself I’d like to thank everyone involved in the project. Cheers!