Dwarven Inspiration and Concepts


Thread for Dwarven inspiration and concepts - note that Moria concepts and discussion are also to be kept in this thread.


Guy on Pmc. He has quite a few dwarven statues that are pretty nice. Might be good for references.

Around a year and a half ago I plotted out a map of Moria. ‘Phe’

I used the previous layout that Fornad, Guan, Whe, Me, and others came up with as a base but modified it to make it all fit on the same map this time, essentially eliminating the need for warps inbetween the levels and deeps. Most spaces are 10-30 blocks tall now, except for the massive halls which approach 40 in height, this allows for proper stacking of everything to keep it on the same map.

The Eastern side is undergoing a complete revamp due to the resizing of the 2nd Hall to fit within the ‘far’ render distance since the old was designed to fit within the ‘extreme’ distance but we were unable to obtain this on the server. Keep in mind that it is still completely WIP and open to critique and additions.

I just thought that even though we’re probably 2 years away from even breaking ground on Moria it would be best to have a layout ready for what is arguably going to be our most complex build on the server.

If you would like to visit it, fly to the Dwarven area and follow the yellow wool line to the south, its far below others’ builds to avoid running into them. ‘Phe’



Oh my goodness! It looks huge! Although ( excuse me of I’m wrong) I think that there is multiple levels in moria. Is this represented by the different colors?


Immediately made me think of the crystals used in Moria


That does look amazing.




I haven’t added any materials yet


Sorry, they’re not very visible, but they’re Moria arch concepts made for the movies:

Also made for the movies: A more ‘raw’ build Second hall:



I was thinking shouldn’t there a some kind of religious space dedicated to mahal (Aule) in the mines?


Maybe Thorin’s Halls but not the smaller ones.


Lots of pictures
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


You should definitely copy a few of these for Thorin’s Halls!




Some time ago I played The Last Guardian on PS4, an awesome game. The atmosphere is beautiful and the building styles are nice to use as reference for Dwarven buildings or ruins. If you can (and like puzzle games) you should play it.

Or you can watch a walkthrough, here is a nice one with commentary: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9wpzJw8GKy7gjkMIh2vJVcveo5n3s8sI

Some sketches




Link to wikipedia article