Player name: Soluna

Player rank: Builder

Location name: Dwaling

No real lore. I’d like to make Dwaling the capital of all generic north region stuff (Hunting, Cartwrights, etc). Dwaling should be kind of cozy and a major center of commerce for the area north of the hills.

The town should have a carpenter (for the pine in the area), a cartwright (we don’t have a lot of these and one would make sense here), a meat market/ hunter, a post office, The common area in the middle of town will be a sort of meat market/ greens area for the people to hang out in. I’d like a mill for the Hops in this region (since Hops would grow here quite well), maybe they could export it with some carts to other bigger towns.

Additionally I will continue to connect the dwelling in Dwaling to the paths in the hills of scary and the general ambiance of the area. The pine forest-to-be north of the Scary Hills will be the hunter’s grounds (including the already built cabin).

The style will be a continuation of the same blend of stone heavy/ gravel heavy/ slate style roofs and walls.

I retain the right to annex or delete fields in the northern area around here as I see fit based on topography and extant.

Possible Layout: http://i.imgur.com/v8cBhZm.jpg