Dun Thuaidh

Player name(s): Tobsie7UK

Player rank: Builder

Private or Public: Public

Location name: Dunland North Clan (DNC)

Lore: See Dunland thread.

Overhead plan:

Blue: Houses
White: Allotments
Yellow: Leatherwork Areas
Brown: Woodwork Areas
Red: Smithy
Green: Animal Pen
Orange: Pit Grainary
Pink: Leader’s Area
Black: Village Wall/Boundary
Sandstone: Path (basic outline, will become proper soon)

In-game guide: There is currently a small board with mine and Lind’s name on, and a few planning signs. Will improve it after approval.

Terrain: Terrain is basically done, thanks to Lind and Dak.

Reference Imagery:

I look forward to opening this project and hope you are excited too.
Many thanks again to @Lindalher and @Daktubalan.

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Looks good to me! Approved! I’ll place templates soon!

Great news! We shall begin.

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Me and Dak have made a few adjustments to make it a little bit more similar to Àrd Phuing, apart from that it looked (and looks) good!
One more thing though, you planned farmer’s houses, keep in mind that Uplands culture has a big focus towards herding rather then crop farming, dunno if you meant allotment farming or animal farming though, just thought I’d mention it.

Yeah by farming I wasn’t really being specific, I did put both allotments and animal pens.
Any adjustments approved by Dak are fine, Thanks.

Allotments are fine, the focus on herding rather than crop farming is more about the farms around the village you see in Loch Thiar for example.

Village is done, can be closed

Still thinking of a name though

Lind suggested Dun Thuaidh, that’ll be it.


And with that, DNC is finally finished.
It’s been a great project, and looks pretty good for screenshots.
It’s final name will be Dun Thuaidh, and a warp will be set outside the gate.
Thank you to everyone who helped, especially @Lindalher, @Daktubalan and @Fruittuitella.


Can anyone close this?