Dôr Tylys

Project Title: Dôr Tylys (Place of Poplars)

Player name(s): Stuk, Lind

Player rank: Builder+, Overseer

Private or Public: Public


Inspiration: (https://imgur.com/gallery/Z9ugM3E)

Sketch from Stuk

Historical/cultural research: The architecture and layout of this town will draw from a mix of rural settlements in the Balkans and northern Italy. More information will follow as we prepare the overall Anórien style guides.

Lore: This is an invented location, so there is no lore directly pertaining to it. However, based on its location and size, we can determine that it is not a wealthy settlement; its primary functions are fishing the Anduin and tending the surrounding fields to support the two larger towns.


Overhead map:

Professions and production:

  • Local nobleman (blue)
  • Baker
  • Tanner
  • Carpenter
  • Potter
  • Butcher
  • Weaver
  • Rope maker
  • Farmer, fieldhands, shepherds, fishermen

Population: 109

Guides: Coming Soon


In-game concepts:

Lower-class house

Terrain: Only minor edits. On hold until map updated

Sub-projects: N/A