Dôr Ledin

Player name(s): Creepy

Player rank: B+

Private or Public: Private (there isn’t much to do in this town)

Location name: Dôr Ledin (cleared land/dwelling - refers to the tree felling)

Lore: Same lore as Town1, Constructed by Arnorians and abandoned due to plague, war and floods. See main thread for more lore stuff. the layout you will get to see next represents only the center of the town it was once. There used to be more houses around that. (Low class and wooden houses).

Overhead plan:

summary: This town is 90% forest and swamp. whoever chose the spot thanks. its really hard to see in these areas even the slightest ruins. the green spots mark places where there are no trees or swamp. there will be houses there similar to the Town1 I did. The rest inside the red area will be grass mounds with some stones (very few) they represent high class houses. You can forget actually all the other houses outside the red areas for they dont exist anymore.

In-game guide: See town1 for concepts of the houses.

Terrain: Perhaps ill make the clearing a bit larger and more natural in the forest. I also might push the swamp up a few blocks away from the village. I will also make that transitation to the swamp more smooth

Reference Imagery: ofcourse all the other ruins in Cardolan.

Deadline: Next week



Looks pretty good to me. If Darth is ok with it, I’d say you can get started

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Project is finished, warp name has been changed to: Dôr Ledin