Distant Horizons on Ardacraft?

If youre not familliar with the mod distant horizons, it enables you to see waaay further than standard minecraft render distance normally limits you to without a major impact on performance. Imagine standing on top of Minas Tirith, overlooking the whole valley, over Osgiliath all the way to Minas Morgul! Or wondering over the whole Gap of Rohan from just the peak of Isengard! How cool would that be? Adding such a mod to Ardacraft would considerably improve “epicness” and just a generall sence of scale not just limited to a small area kept a bay by your little render distance. And finally allow you to truly see Middle Earth as its inhabitants would.
This doesn’t even have to be enabled by default, just the option for people who want to would mean the world to me
What do you think?

Hi Carl - if you join our discord and search for ‘distant horizons’ you can see previous discussions about this mod. These forums aren’t really in use anymore