Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is bad and we should stop it




I think after two months of people initially trying to help you but eventually trying to not have you join the server at all you shouldn’t be suprised… After all it took you over two months to even be able to join, that clearly tells us that you’re not worth having let alone try and become a builder.

Well computer was a 2009 before Christmas 2.just got a new computer

Well, if you’re ever hoping of becoming part of us you’ve got a loooong way to go, at least a few months of improving.

I am so sorry @Special_Aupps, I wasn’t aware that @kingorrik had bullied you. I removed my post out of respect.


@Special_Aupps you made it quite clear that you don’t want to be a builder the other day. We have a sort of hazing, an initiation, where we pick apart and joke about new guests who want to be part of the server. Not every guest will go through the same rigors, but even the ones who make it to builder quickly will be on the receiving end of criticism.

From what I can tell, you used our plot world to build a badly rendered tutorial house. Our plots generally have two purposes, for new guests to test out blocks so they can become a builder, and to apply for builder.

You should be taking a hint that this server is very builder centric. If you have no intention of being a builder here and have no patience to deal with our banter and bullying, then you have no business here, other than to appreciate our builds made by people who want to contribute.

You have no right to pretend to new guests that you’re a part of our community and pretend to have extensive knowledge of our project. Giving new players a guide through a project you have not been a part of or including yourself as one of us when referencing our community. Example: When you said, " We have a website."

Therefore, you will be bullied off the server if you don’t take a step up and learn how we build, what we build, and why we are so critical of each other.


I was joking I do want to be a builder

I just got tired of people complaining and cussing

The only joke I see so far is your plot. Learn our server then come back to your plot.

Oh ok

I won’t be on till after 2:40 USA eastern time

Oh guys check out my new topic or thread

why waste another thread, honestly

Why don’t you look at it

And see why

I am truly sorry for Anoing you is there any way I can fix it

Yes, go to MCME, it would make us all very happy.

I went there already and I couldn’t figure out how to join Their server