Crickhollow Contest

"It was some distance from the Brandywine to Frodo’s new house at Crickhollow. They passed Buck Hill and Brandy Hall on their left, and on the outskirts of Bucklbury struck the main road of Buckland that ran south from the Bridge. Half a mile northward along this they came to a lane opening on their right. This they followed for a couple of miles as it climbed up and down into the country.

At last they came to a narrow gate in a thick hedge. Nothing could be seen of the house in the dark: it stood back from the lane in the middle of a wide circle of lawn surrounded by a belt of low trees inside the outer hedge. Frodo had chosen it, because it stood in an out-of-the-way corner of the country, and there were no other dwellings close by. You could get in and out without being noticed. It had been built a long while before by the BRandybucks, for the use of guests, or members of the family that wished to escape from the crowded life of Brandy Hall for a time. It was an old-fashioned countrified house, as much like a hobbit-hole as possible: it was long and low, with no upper storey; and it had a roof of turf, round windows, and a large round door."

/warp CrickhollowContest


As we’re ploughing on with the last elements of the Shire upgrade, we’ve decided to use Crickhollow as a small, in-house build contest.

There will be no prize for this contest. Only glory.


  • Your submission must conform to the lore as set out in Tolkien’s legendarium This can also be found typed out on signs at /warp CrickhollowContest

  • You may enter as teams.

  • The contest is open to Apprentices, Builders, Landscapers and Overseers.

  • You must write your name(s) on the name block next to your platform

  • You may not alter the hedges or trees already placed in the contest plots.

  • Building on the server is subject to the ArdaCraft Rules 1. Griefing, using Worldedit maliciously or doing anything against our rules will have you removed from the contest at the very least.

  • The contest judges will be @Fornad, @Sunwing34 and @Hearthseeker. We reserve the right to edit your submission if it wins. For obvious reasons, the judges are not allowed to enter the contest.

  • The contest will end on the 15th November 2021.

Good luck!