Crash on launch [Mac OS - was not using Java 8]

how did you install the modpack?: _launcher
have you installed Java 8?: _yes MULTIPLE times
when does the problem happen?: _during launch |
problem: Crashes at launch, I see the minecraft window open up, but then the launcher flickers and the window closes. Then I get the error report.

I have installed java8 and verified it with their “java update checker” thingy.
Also, Im about as computer savvy as a brick, so if I ask you to explain something clearly, it’s not cause you’re doing it wrong… Im just that dumb.

On my crash reports it says Im using this…

Java Version: 1.6.0_65, Apple Inc.

Why does my system show I have java 8 update 101 installed and running? WTF am I doing wrong

So I figured it out myself. These stupid Mac computers are notorious for the Java updates only working on safari and other supported browsers and not applications.

Anyways I found out that if you install the development kit (which includes the regular edition updates anyways) it will work that way. So for anyone with a stupid Mac that crashes on launch and says in your report that you aren’t using Java 8, try that!

…sent from my iPhone… Heheh

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Glad this works for ya!