Connected Textures not working

what operating system are you using?: windows
how did you install the modpack?: launcher
have you installed Java 8?: yes
when does the problem happen?: in-game
logs/crash-report: N/A
problem: Connected Textures
Pretty much the connected textures is not working for me. Also there is vanilla minecraft textures for glass.

These are some pictures

I need to edit the support template: what launcher are you using? The ConquestReforged one or the ArdaCraft one?

The AC launcher may have a version of optifine that breaks a lot of the connected textures, version Optifine D4 is apparently the last correctly working version, anything newer does not

Im using the ardacraft one because when i tried to use the CR one, it said that there was fataly missing Blocks and items.

Yeah, the ArdaCraft Launcher has the wrong version of Optifine at the moment. It’ll be fixed in an automatic update (not sure when due Fresh’s timezone/availability)


Ok cheeers