A list of all available commands by rank.

This goes in a heirarchy of ranks, each rank below the other has that ranks previous commands.


/help - View a list of all commands.

  • You can change pages with /page next

/return - Return to the last location you teleported to/from

/warp - Teleport to a named location.

  • /warps - List warps.
  • /page next - Change page of list
  • You can click on the name of the warp in the list, and you will be warped there.

/home - Teleport to a home.

  • /sethome - Sets a home.
  • /delhome - Deletes a home.

/msg - Direct message another player.

  • You can also use /tell

/r - Reply to a direct message.

/list - List online players.

/tpa - Request teleport to another player.

  • /tpaccept - Accept a teleport request.
  • /tpahere - Request another player teleport to you.
  • /tpdeny - Deny a teleport request.

/ping - Verify the server is responsive.


/afk - Toggle AFK status.

/get - Get a block that you are looking at.

/np - Toggles nophysics.

/none - Unbind a tool from your current item.

/paint - Change painting id.

  • /paint <id> <variant>

/time - Set the world time.

Builder Plus:

/warp - Teleport to a named location.

  • /setwarp - Sets a warp.
  • /delwarp - Deletes a warp.

World Edit.

  • You can view a list of World Edit commands here.

Voxel Sniper. (Voxel Sniper is currently not installed on the server.)

  • You can view a list of Voxel Sniper commands on the guides page…


/promote - Add a rank to a player.

  • /promote <player> <rank>
  • You must add the lowest rank first, and go up the rank list.

/demote - Remove a rank from a player.

  • /demote <player> <rank>
  • You must remove the higest rank first, and go down the rank list.

/kick - Kick a player from the server.

/freeze - Freeze and player and stop them from moving.

/ban - Ban a player from the server.


Wait so how does the /paint work in practice? Like do you place a painting and then type for example “/paint 321 3”?