Cois Abhann

Leader : The Dunland Squad™

Player rank : Overseer, Builder+

Private or Public : Public

Lore : See the main Dunland thread for general info. This specific clan, being situated on a larger river, would have as much or more fishing than Clan 1. Houses would mostly have mud walls, but a few can be wood as there is a forest somewhat nearby.

Overhead plan :

Red = hillfort, green = house plots, gray = fields/pastures, orange = religious site to a river deity, yellow = barrows, brown = earthen wall

Concepts : Will be similar to Clan 1

In-game guide : See /warp dunlandguide

Terrain : Nothing needed except re-vegetating the area we cleared

Plan for Completion : Start with a build day this Saturday, afterwards people can claim any plots remaining


Why, this looks superb! Go right ahead!


Wait, that’s illegal!


The final details being finished, this project is now complete. The riverfront vegetation will be completed as its own project. Thanks again to everyone who helped get this done so quickly!
I’ve named it “Cois Abhann,” which is Gaelic for “riverfront”