Can't log in or change skin

i have bought mc again to this account and my new name is Sneecy but it have not change in-game in ArdaCraft, and my skin have not change to, so how does i do so it get into ArdaCraft?

Have you changed your login details in the launcher?

You can’t enter the game. You have to be more specific. You can’t enter the game because it crashes? You can’t enter the game because it doesn’t recognize your username or password? You can’t enter the server? The title doesn’t really state your problem, nor does the first comment really help in explaining it. Maybe you could try using google translate or asking your parents to translate because all in all, this post is just confusing.

Another point I’d like to bring up while I’m here, you did not have to create a new forum account because you got a new Minecraft account. In the settings you can easily change your name and everything. Unless of course you can’t login to that account either anymore.

He is able to enter, seen him on the server plenty of times. He created a new MC account entirely because he apparently couldn’t edit his skin or something like that. Other than that, idk what the issue is.

You weren’t able to update your account skin for olsenoliver1234 because it is still a ‘legacy’ account:

You can read the following page on how to migrate your legacy account to a ‘Mojang Account’, which will allow you to change skin:

Your new username sneecytv is automatically a ‘Mojang Account’:
(note how it does not say "legacy":true)

When logging in with Mojang Accounts, you have to use the email address used to create the account, not your username ‘sneecytv’.