Building Application: Silvuur: APPRENTICE

Player name: Silvuur

How did you find out about us?: Honestly don’t remember :./

How old are you?: 20ish

Where are you from?: Eastcoast USA

Are you in our Discord? Is your username the same as your Minecraft name? Do you understand that you must always have Discord open, and that you must check the forums every few days?: In the disc, but username is not same as MC and I change it often, rn it’s silveroasis

Why do you want to help with this project?: Been building with mc on and off since 2013 (was on a build team back in the day :wink: ), been hoping to find a place like this to do that stuff with. And arda+building, how can you not?

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?: Many, maybe most, books. The movies oc. Various many things, arda’s often on the mind.Tolkien linguisitcs explorer.


Plot ID: 1:-2

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?: Making this plot was the first time I’ve used conquest, so these blocks def take some getting used to. I usually make eflish things, or modern things, and that’s probably what I’m best with. Best with the tolkien kind of fantasy, in between medieval&ridiculous. I love doing detailed landscaping, but I haven’t got much experience doing bigger landscaping and using those tools, and I need to practice making trees.

Other relevant skills: no, just useless ty

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Hi Silvuur, welcome to the server! Your Rohan house looks great, I have no comments to make there.

We’re undergoing a changeover right now from 1.12 to 1.18, so you won’t see many builders online on 1.12 as they’re working on a private server.

We’re aiming to update to 1.18 next week (when builders and guests will be on the same server), so it might be easier to wait until then before we promote you to Apprentice. I apologise for the delay but I think this is the best solution at the moment.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me on Discord!


As you’re both in US timezones, @Argent will be your mentor from now on :slight_smile:

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Heyo Silvuur! I’m excited by what you’ve been willing to try so far!

FYI I mostly use discord for communication so expect most stuff through that,

And seeing that comment about trees, we got plenty to make, I’m sure we can get you some practice! :sweat_smile: