Builders Application: PIXELAMOEBA: REJECTED

Player name: pixelamoeba

How did you find about us : Google nailed in for searching “building inspirations” for my mc town creation

How old are you?: old, but not that old, young but not that bold

Where are you from?: Moria

Are you in our Discord? Do you understand that you must have Discord running at all times when at your computer, and that you must check the forums every few days?: I will be on this from tomorrow onwards.

Why do you want to help with this project?:be part of something huge, important and use my skills in Minecraft art (I am big fan of LOTR and MC)

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?: started with Hobbit, then LOTR, then Silmarilion, then watched movies…and did some board LOTR gaming … spend days/weeks in the RPG

Portfolio: not sure if I am that proud to showcase anything here. My application plots below…in case this is REQUIRED i can post some pics later.

Plot ID: 11:-15 and 11:-14

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?: dwarven is mine, straight, stonecold, survivalistic, majestic

Other relevant skills: did some java coding, but mostly photoshoper and WorldEdit user

Please provide screens.

Hi Pixel, could we see some screens of your plot since the pics that you’ve got there, although they show good dedication, aren’t really enough to get you to apprentice. Make sure to show us both exterior and interior and then we can progress with you application.

Hi Oriol,

These are the images from the plot :
hope you like those.

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These are looking really promising and I really like the construction hall idea. Could you have a shot at building a Lossoth house? Warp to Lossoth6, check out the in-game guide at the warp and show us what you can do with the style :smiley:

ok, the 1st home structure in position at Plot 11:-14

hate those tiny dwellings and tight rooms - it’s small, stinky and smells like a fish. And this guy started making compost out of mud and cow poo… sick!

3 dwellings from Lossoth

Good job pixel, these are definitely up to standard and your abandoned house is very nice. We are going to promote you to apprentice for now but if you can show us that you can build to this quality with another style on the server then we’d be willing to promote you to builder :smiley:

thanks! I am sure you won’t be dissappointed


Could we please get an update?

My liege :wink: Lossoth7 -> 2 houses MID and LO, helping Neverlegend with his Lorien housing and Poppel with dwarven statues (@fberedluin), some work at coalmine1…(toilet now only remains original) :slight_smile:


We have seen your Forlond house, and it really is not up to our standard, and has not improved enough despite good feedback from the project lead. We are going to have to reject you I am afraid, you can re-apply in a months time, I suggest you spend this time improving your building skills, and looking around our server more.