Builder Reinstatement: Roccet: ACCEPTED



  • Never place books, papers, or quills in Rohan builds unless you’re given permission to by the project leader. 90%+ of the population is illiterate.
  • I can see glass panes in the windows in the 6th image. Those shouldn’t be there - in fact, you should never have 2x2 windows in Rohan houses as they’d let out way too much heat.

Otherwise, looks good. I’ll talk to the Overseers.


@Fornad @Kemce @Ytsen

An elven and dwarven build i made…


That little farming tools storage in lv5 wasn’t there to be built by anyone, remember to ask to build something if there’s not the name block above it, especially if in the project board is specified that only interiors of completed buildings are open to public. The signs you saw where there for another reason, sorry if that may have confused you.


oh im so sorry, should i remove it? Do you think its good enough tho?


That can be improved and I had something a bit different in mind for it, I mean in the style. I will do some experiments myself, if they don’t work I will keep your design and help you to do necessary fixes :ok_hand:


@Kemce @Ytsen @Fornad

Hey, you wanted me to make some more rohan builds. So i took a challange. A diagonal butcher in folcmund… Also Ytsen i made the area where the dwarves store their stuff after they come back from the mines, as well as another lower class interior in that same street. Check it out when/if you have the time! Also please tell me what i have to change/practice on to become a builder. I feel like i control the skill of rohan and dwarven builds very well but most mistakes i make are lore based. Anyways thanks for reading, feedback appreciated.


I must say, I think I don’t know anything about the Rohan style. But when you have a diagonal building, it’s best not to make the building look gridlike in any way. Beam > Wall block x 3 > Beam > Wall block x 3 > Beam: That pattern doesn’t quite look good in a diagonal build where the wall isn’t a tall one. This wall, at least from the outside perspective, is 2 blocks high. So the thick vertical beams make the wall appear even more stubby and cluttered. I’d either use the thin/medium beams or have less beams. Not knowing the Rohan style, I’d suggest maybe a sheltered lean-to where some supplies are kept or at least something to break up the shape of the wall without adding too much detail in the wall itself. I hope I’m being clear when I say this.


Since you put a “Awaiting Approval” sign i assume you’re done with the build. It’s easy to forget, but your house doesnt have a ceiling so the thatch is floating, or so it seems in picture 6 ("Attic with beds).


Other observations:

In the top image I pointed out that above the fire is a support beam. Being that heat rises and inevitabley so do the hot embers and smoke, I’d say the fact that this is a support beam means that it would be a fairly weak support beam. Heat would warp the wood or cause cracks/strain. The other thing of note is that you just have meat hanging by hooks and… By the support beam no less. Take a look at these images of cooking:

Notice a few things.
One: meat is hung usually across pegs or hooks to dry/cure. We have definitely hung meats like you have with chains. so I don’t really have an issue with that specifically. But randomly hanging from a support beam above a fire to cook isn’t only innaccurate, but would probably cause issues.
Two: fires have racking above them for hanging pots, griddles, or in your case, spits for roasting meat.

Image Two: I really don’t like stone foundations being uneven or just coming to a stop with grass blocks like that. And also, while a stone block floor is nice for a butcher and though it may be debatable whether this butcher could afford a fully stone floor. I must say, at least add some variety. The floor needs to maybe be a mix of cobble, packed dirt and dirty cobble. It will give it a much more rustic and defined look at least.


Thx I forgot about that again…


Thank you for all the feedback I put the sausages there like they were being smoked. But I guess like you said they’re more often salted and dried. So I’ll remove the oddly placed beam and rework that part of the interior. Also I’ll take your feedback regarding the exterior to heart and see if I can make it look better and more realistic you’ll hear from me shortly.


Yeah and there’s nothing wrong with having meats smoked for preservation. But just them hanging from a ceiling beam above a fire wouldn’t do.


hey man, changed up a lot of things. Thanks for the feedback, it definatly looks better now without the thick beams. ill keep that in mind for my next diagonal builds


Allright I saw you have done two interiors in lv5 and I really appreciate that, since there hasn’t been much interest on it; there are some thing to note tho. The first one you have done, the farmer/food storage one, is not bad and you kept i very basic, I just added a couple of things. The other one, the living house, is well organized, but I saw you have modified the building a bit. That is something I don’t like, so remember that if what you are given to do is an interior, avoid to change anything in the structure without asking. I know the changes weren’t that noticeable, but I am very protective with what I build, especially when I put so much effort into it as I am doing with this village. Anyways, I have left some signs with the few things to fix.
I know you may start to feel a bit upset after all of the critics you are receiving, but please don’t give up now, I think you are doing a good job.


@Fornad @Kemce @Ytsen

Hey guys! i got permission from Kemce to make a High class house in folcmund so this is what i made. Im pretty proud of it, there were no paths leading to the house so i made it myself i hope its what you had in mind. i left some space infront so the path can be extended to the other pathless high class house as well. i hope i got it right at once this time. Id love to know what i need to practice on next for my builder rank.
I also made a middle class dwarven cobbler in Thorins halls. I kept it kind of compact because i kept running into other houses and there wasnt much free space in the ground at that location, but i hope you still like it.
Thanks for being patient with me and giving me your feedback.


Left some signs in your dwarven cobbler! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you just have to keep doing what you’re doing, and really approach the house that you’re doing from the perspective of the occupant. For example, you could have made a cool shoe-mend workplace in the cobbler’s house, but the house doesn’t really give off a cobbler’s vibe. If you can make a house of which people can tell straight away what it is, then you’re fit for builder.


the carpenter you can see straight away what it is. But like i said at the cobbler house there isnt more space to build even if i dig down or up. So another workplace inside the house wouldnt be possible. I added a desk with some things tho, and the grape crate was there to represent shoe polish. i really did think from the occupants perspective. also there was a shoe sign above the door so imo you could instantly see what it is. I feel like everything i make is disliked for opinion reasons, Like Kemce wants all the fireplaces in the middle for some reason so i had to redo a big part of my interior. i respect most critisism but i feel like it comes more from opinion than lore or overal look. im a way better builder now then when i joined here a year ago. and im as good and driven as some of the other builders. Im not asking for a builder rank but i think its just weird that i am not getting it back when im putting in this much work and ive improved this much since when i had builder.


I think you’ll find that being apprentice for a bit is not deterrent if you really do care about this project. I take up styles quick but when I finally get back online I won’t be leading my own project in Rohan unless I have help building 2-3 houses first and getting the same scrutiny as you. Even worse is dwarven for me. My whole time being builder and + has been elves and ruins.

You are alright as a builder, even though I found some things I needed you to change just looking at screenshots and not online. That should indicate you needed a tiny bit more practice and Im glad you’ve been up to the challenge.

I think you’re good to move on to the builder rank, but always be open to opinions and scrutiny. If even I need it, you certainly will.


The feedback and opinions you’ve been given on your builds is to give you that final push towards builder rank. Like your houses overall are good, but there is always room for improvement. Receiving feedback is good, it means we want you to become builder, but you’d just need to work on a few little things that are being pointed out.


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Hey guys! I asked micah for some beorning work and he gave me this hamlet. House 3 in the album was the only house that was there and there was no interior, micah told me to inspire the builds of that one. Honestly i think the chimneys are a bit too thick, but they dont necessarily look bad. Since i didnt see micah online when i was. I asked chevy for feedback and he told me to make some cattle hutches and maybe a smokehouse. I hope you like the liberties i took in the build. for example you told me to use the same materials everywhere but i changed dark cobble sandstone for dark sandstone bricks on house 2. theyre very minor so i dont think they really matter too much, let me know what you think.
PS. It actually looks alot cleaner in game without shaders.