Builder Apps are unfair

I understand ArdaCraft is looking for Harlond builders almost exclusively, but everyone has their own talents and style of building. If you only employ Elvish builders now you will have a hard time later trying to build Erebor etc. There are some brilliant artists and builders on this forum who got rejected just because a picture on their portfolio was not considered to be good enough. I built a barn and I had tips from other builders and added it to my build, took me 6 hours, then I got rejected. Many of us are better at building man/dwarf/hobbit/orc structures better. So you need to work on more than one thing at a time or else it will take way too long to finish middle earth (and maybe beyond). Just a thought. People in here like me are really enthusiatic about Middle Earth and Tolkien’s works, and would do anything to join. And then they get rejected. Have a think about it.

I feel you’ve been misled somewhat. We’re not ‘exclusively’ searching for Harlond builders, Harlond is just one of the projects currently running. Mithlond is close to completion, so we just don’t need builders to prove themselves with Mithlond builds. The Shire was finished a long time ago, and while there will soon be a revamp, the Shire is not currently a priority.

Also, ‘exclusively’ Elven? You do understand that we also have a Dwarven project running as well, with more planned to be started in the future, right? Not only that, but very soon we’ll be moving to Arnor, which will largely be a new style to us. It’s not that builder apps are ‘unfair’, it’s that we have a list of priorities based on what we need completed and what needs more builders. A rather nebulously-styled barn does not fit our priorities.

Speaking of which, you submit an application with a single sub-par build of a barn, get rejected, and then start a thread about how our application system is unfair, and then you try to tell us how to go about things without seeming to be even vaguely aware of how the system works or what we are doing? Not very admirable, Lorenzo.

If you want to be accepted, then show us a build in a style that is one of our priorities, like Harlond or Dwarven. If you can’t build in either style, then it is possible for you learn.

I am not trying to be harsh, Lorenzo. We do not want you to abandon building here over an application: We always want more active builders. However, you will not be doing yourself any favours by complaining about an application system you do not understand.


So as soon as you start on a man style build I’m suddenly acceptable? Also people get in just for building a single house, as you say you need to get more builders. Why not me?

Also applications are just judged on people’s builds, not their knowledge of the lore. If you knew how dedicated I was to lotr you would really understand.

You weren’t accepted because, and I’ll be honest, Lorenzo, your build was bad. It was bland and uninteresting, it had barely any details in the interior and I really cannot figure out what style it’s supposed to be. People get accepted with a single house because their single house is a good house, and they are good builders. You have not proven this of yourself.

As I have said, Lorenzo, we have a list of priorities. We are not some laid-back creative server where you can do what you want. We are a group of very dedicated people working towards a goal. As such, it is indeed the case that your build has to be relevant.

Your knowledge of and dedication to the lore of lotr is not what’s important to becoming a builder. If you can think of a way you can use that knowledge to help us in a way we need other than building, then good for you, but I guarantee that even if you did, you would end up being redundant.

You want to help us, and we want you to help us, but giving us something that is completely irrelevant to what we currently need will not get you accepted, nor will this thread gain you any respect. Prove you are a good builder with a good build that fits our priorities, and you will be accepted. It is truly that simple.


If we would accept anyone with for example some random victorian fortress, or in this case a random barn which doesn’t seem to have any specific style, where would we be able to have the accepted player build? Currently we are simply working on Dwarven and Elven locations. If an accepted builder is unable to build in one of these locations, then why would he have builder rank in the first place if he can’t build what we need him to be able to?
Arnor is coming to our map pretty quickly, which will add another style we will be looking for, this system will change the recommended (or required) build styles throughout the entire project.
And like Soap said, we’d like you to just try and apply again, since we do always need more builders, don’t get discouraged by this. :slight_smile:
On our plots world, you’re able to simply ask for advice from builders, and let them help you before applying (tho we are not allowed to actually place blocks).


Building in Harlond is something that we suggest, because there are easy guides available on how to properly do one. We simply point people towards Mithlond, Harlond or the mines, because those are the expertises we need, and a lot of examples exist already from which you can draw inspiration. Because in a server this big, you want some continuity in builds, similar styles, it makes sense to check for people their ability to adapt to styles, in addition to their own building skill. Applications do not get rejected because they do not match the styles that we are currently working on, they are being rejected because they are not up to standard, or because the applicants did not show their ingenuity with the blocks our pack provides. If you build a stunning human build that would fit dale perfectly in terms of detail and style, or any other styled build, you are bound to be accepted.

As for your own application, while the shapes were alright, you did not show you had affinity with our pack, ánd, the amount of detail was sub-par. You point out that our applications process is unfair, and in some respects it may be, but it serves to filter out people who have not yet learned to add detail, and who don’t have a feel for the realism we strive towards. If you are passionate and want to help out, you do not necessarily need a builder rank either. If someone shows talent in other areas than building, they can gain an equally important role through the forums where they can share their work. Doing research, making sketches, or doing other types of artwork for the server can help us greatly. Cross-reference your barn with the barns we’ve done so far, expand on it, update it. You will notice how they are different and what we are looking for. You’re fairly young so you have plenty of time to practice.


If you want a bit of friendly advice, id say don’t use a barn for your application.
Building a barn doesn’t showcase the skill level of any builder really, since the interiors are very simplistic.

My application wasn’t accepted the first time, but I didn’t say anything was unfair. I sucked it up, built something more in style with the server, and got accepted. If you are to succeed you need to move forward from this, and create a new application, with a new build.

I’m sure if you work hard, and grow from this, then you will create an application which is acceptable for the server.


Mate, look how many applications I’ve failed. I am not complaining


I know it can seem like we’re being a bit prude in our judgement of apps, but we just want to maintain a consistency in style and quality in our builds, and would like builders to understand that.
If you guys ever want some help learning our style let us know when you’re in game. Most of us are more than willing to help you out if we can.