Builder Application: Tysee: ACCEPTED

Player name: Tysee

How long have you been a member of this project?: 1 Day

How old are you?: 16, but will be 17 in two days

Where are you from?: USA
Why do you want to help with this project?: I would love to help with this project. I am currently reading every LOTR book and cant put it down. I grew up watching LOTR and The Hobbit (the old cartoon alas until the movies came out). I feel that while I am not the greatest building creator, I can work on roads and bridges. I do wish to get better at building old manor style buildings and others that will fit in with the Tolkien world. I personally believe that I would be a great fit to the builder community with my ideas and potential designs.

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?: I’m currently reading all three of the main Lord of the Rings books. I have yet to read The Hobbit. And I have seen the old Hobbit movie/show, and the new Hobbit movies and Lord of the Rings movies.


Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?: I love designing paths, roads, and bridges. I am currently working on improving my homes, inns, and other buildings designs.

Other relevant skills: I can come up with great designs in my head and attempt to make them a reality in Minecraft.

It’s alright, but it’s preferable you look at Mithlond and/or Harlond on main, and try to do a build of each in that style. Interiors not needed as of yet :slight_smile: .

Alright! Someone told me on the server that I should do a mithlond one, will post pics once done!

Updated the photos! Now have a Mithlond and Harlond style build!

Don’t seem to see an update on the builds, are you sure you used the correct link?

Lemme recheck

try this (by the way there are new builds as there used to be just the none mithlond/harlond home and bridge)

The builds are not quite up to our standard. I suggest that you spend more time looking around Mithlond/harlond, or try building a dwarven house, as seen at /warp mine3.

What would you say could be improved on my mithlond build?

It just doesnt fit our style of building, for example we have never used wool on a build itself, and mithlond houses tend to be taller, you have only been on the server for a day, I would honestly look around much longer before applying.

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Basically the use of materials and the shape of the buildings. The mithlond house doesn’t really give an impression that its elvish, the shape is pretty flat, and there is not alot of interest in the roof either. I think it wont be too difficult to get accepted with a new build once you’ve taken a better look arround on our map.

Ok. Is it possible that I can install waila on my launcher client to help me know what blocks to use?

New build on a different album!

Its getting better, but you really are not leaving enough time to properly look around mithlond. Please take at least a few days, look closely at our style and try again, the walls on yours a bit flat.

What do you mean by “flat”. Could ya please point out how it is so that I can improve upon the build

I can’t seem to be able to consult your albums. I would really like to help you out :slight_smile:

Tomorrow when I get home from school and reupload them. It seems they got deleted

Happy birthday!

Thanks man!

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I still cant get to your imgur album, the link is faulty.