Builder Application: Stonebenderr: REJECTED

Name: Stonebenderr
How old are you?: 47
How did you find out about us?: Searched google for “adult medieval Minecraft server” then surfed on in.
Where are you from?: New Jersey
Are you in our Discord?: not yet, need address
Why do you want to help with this project?: I was bitten by the MC bug about 7 years ago. I usually played SPO in the past and I am currently on the Empire MC server. I am also a DnD gamer from waaaaayyyyy back and I love the Tolkien universe dearly. It is basically what all current fantasy is based off. In other games (everything from EQ to WoW to Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warmachine,) I usually play the dwarf character due to the heavy influence of me reading the Hobbit back in 1980. I like to build like a dwarf and my skin is of a dwarf as well (see a pattern there? lol)
I love the whole idea of you guys making Arda on a MC server and I would be thrilled and honored to contribute to this project (if you want to stick me with working on Moria or the Iron Hills……).
Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?:
• Read The Hobbit , LoTR books, reading Silmarillion (again right now after 35 years)
• Watched all the movies more times than I watched the Star Wars movies

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?: I am known on other servers to make stupidly huge builds; like an underwater city with a glass dome over it that was 250 blocks in diameter, or built a massive mountain range close to 200 blocks high. I love building fortresses, castles, towers, dwarf mines and caverns. Big builds and stonework are a win for me.
Other relevant skills: I am an old gamer. I don’t do drama….at all….ever. I have two kids who play MC with me (but are too young for this project). I am a retired US Army officer, so I can give and take orders well. I play very well with others and love to work on big projects. I have a love of Steampunk as well.


Make sure you give us a portfolio album of your builds. We also prefer you build in a current style we’re working on, such as beorning or dwarf dwellings. I’m going to assume your portfolio must not have shared.

Your experience in the army will help you in respect to the fact that our level of camaraderie involves insults and heightened level of awareness of each other’s strengths and flaws. Which I’m sure if you’ve browsed our quotes and meme threads/discord channel, you’ve wisely concluded is not a safe bet for your children.

And to that I say thank you. If I had the ability to have a discussion with the parents of kids who were blissfully ignorant of their child joining our server, I’d take the piss out on them. We don’t need your kids bullied because they think @kingorrik is their new best friend.

Tl;Dr take a look at accepted builder apps on our application thread and use those as examples of what your builder app will need to be.


Rejected due to inactivity