Builder Application: SimpleGuy165: ACCEPTED

Player name: SimpleGuy165

How long have you been a member of this project?: looking around the server for about an hour

How old are you?: 17 turning 18

Where are you from?: Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Are you in our Discord?: not yet but will be shortly

Why do you want to help with this project?: Havn’t played miney in about half a year due to being uninspired and having a broken laptop that fried to death :’-( . Saw a video of ardacraft on youtube thought it was the coolest minecraft-related thing i’ve ever seen. Also I enjoy in great extent the LOTR films. Also singleplayer can become very uninspiring as creating a city / world takes alot of time and effort and progression by one man is extremely slow. So i rekon building on a server with numerous builders will be much more fun :smiley:

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?: I have seen the LOTR films numerous times, aswell as the hobbit films. I have begun reading the hobbit, and i had not previously known other J R R Tolkien books existed, but im keen to get onto reading them :slight_smile:


Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?: I am confident in my own personal “Nordic style” which most of my builds in my submission are, because of this I feel I excel at more dwarven / human styled buildings rather than elven. Also i really enjoy building more natural / small interesting things such as tree’s, camps, ruins, caves, forests, paths, etc.

Other relevant skills: My other hobby apart from playing games is music in which I feel im pretty good at in numerous genre’s. (but that’s subjective i guess)

I just want to say i have always used default minecraft textures when building, so my buildings may be very undetailed / bland. This is also why i havnt included any interiors yet, as up to this moment they have been limited to stairs for seats and pot plants for cups :stuck_out_tongue: . I do feel comfortable with interiors though and I am starting to practice on a single player world using the numerous detail blocks the Ardacraft pack has to offer. Also my style is very nordic, (which i know doesnt really have a place in middle earth), but a nordic style, i believe, is basically a mix of dwarvern and human so I rekon I can change some things to make it fit.

Your builds look good but You need to try at least 1 of our current styles. Good luck!!

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yeah thought so, will re apply later

No need to make a new thread, just add a link to a new image album in this thread.

hey, heres a short update with 2 images of work i did on a plot (first 2 photos)


Exterior looks good but interior could have some improvements.

hey man thanks for the response. any tips on the interior?

Would make the ceiling more structured and more Chambers, furniture is okay but You could add some dwarven paintings to it.

thankyou!, i felt the roof was a bit messy too - will work on improving this :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone heres a link to some more screenshots of a dwarvern house interior and a man tower and building complex (probably too cramped for dale, could be appropriate in a smaller village)


The human pictures looked good, de dwarven images were a bit dark but doesnt matter. What I have seen from them is that they are fine.

Looks good to me! Accepted.

Ask an Overseer to promote you next time you see one online!