Builder Application: _Robz: REJECTED

[Please delete everything in brackets]

Player name: [_Robz]

How did you find out about us: I Found You Via Planet Minecraft

How old are you?: [I am 30 years old]

Where are you from?: [North Wales]

**Are you in our Discord? Do you understand that you must have Discord running at all times when at your computer, and that you must check the forums every few days?:yes I am in discord and on your channel

**Why do you want to help with this project? Because I am a big fan of lost and love Minecraft and conquest reforged and the 3 together is just cool as fuck

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?: [I have read the trilogy book of lotr started listening to the Silmarillion audiobook seen all the films aswell]

Portfolio:![- Only include original work, which you alone have worked on.]
[- Your portfolio must contain shots of at least one build made in the ArdaCraft modpack and resource pack (these should be built on the ArdaCraft plots server - type /warp plots in-game). It is preferable that this build is related to builds being created on the main server at the time of your application.]
[- You may include other builds made outside of our modpack and resource pack.]
[- Please look at successful applications in order to get an idea of what is expected in the portfolio.]

Plot ID: [This appears on the bottom of your screen when you enter your plot]

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?:

Other relevant skills: [Texturing, coding, etc. with examples of your work]

[I have been building in conquest reforged and arda rp but in single player as the build is too big for plots I can send over pictures]

Hi Robz, thanks for applying!

Before we can promote you we just need to check a few things especially considering what you’ve said in your portfolio, notably “I have built lots on mcme”

Please click on this link and fill in the quiz.

Once you’re done please post your score in the thread. Thanks :smiley:




updated now :slight_smile:

Could you try to build a beorning house on the plot world. Use Old Ford as an example of the kind of house you need to make. Once youve done that, post some screenshots in the thread.

Thanks for applying and showing interest on the server.

I’ve had a look over your application, and, at the moment, it isn’t sufficient to reward you with building rights on the server. Your portfolio doesn’t exactly display proficiency with our resource pack, nor with our mod blocks. Further, it does not display any competence with any of our build styles - you haven’t displayed any examples of dwarven or beorning styles - styles which are currently the main focus of the server.

My advice to you would be take a good look around the server, at what projects are currently under progress, and build good examples on our plots server in our resource and mod pack. Then, and only then, will we likely consider your application in a different light.

I feel like I must stress this further point, however: We do not accept builds from MCME as proof of good or competent building, as they do not fully show any skill in building with our styles and textures.


Rejected for inactivity.