Builder Application: radiusboy: REJECTED

Player name: radius boy

How did you find out about us: Youtube

How old are you?: 20

Where are you from?: United Kingdom

**Are you in our Discord? Yes

Why do you want to help with this project?: I have always loved Tolkien’s works as they are a major part of my childhood and teenage years. On top of this I have a love for architecture and adapting ideas, literary works or concepts into a mode where I can see its growth and enjoy its complexities. Minecraft is a fantastic option for this.

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?: I have read The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Silmarillion, The Fall of Gondolin, The Children of Hurin, The Adventures of Tom Bombadil and The histories of middle earth.

I have also seen all of the Peter Jackson movies and even the 1978 cartoon edition.


Sadly, due to a long hiatus from Minecraft much of my work (done on both servers and single player) has been lost however, I have a few screenshots from my plots on the ardacraft server.

X: -7369.207 Z: -2458

X: 10460.765 Z: 12338.673

X: 10487.596 Z: 12164.817

X: 10499.275 Z: 12332.578
Plot ID:

Plot: -28:-16
Plot: -27:-16

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?:

I find I particularly excel at Stone based styles such as dwarven or cities that tend to be made of quarried stone such as how the cities of Gondor are often perceived stylistically.
I also find that I do well with more wood based houses and poorer style medieval architecture.
However, i do struggle with naturalistic styles of building such as elven.

Other relevant skills:
Video work, literary analysis of Tolkien’s work (I studied Tolkien linguistics and literary culture in university)


Im not the expert on how folde stuff should look like so i will leave that to someone else i can however comment on your dwarven house. The facade looks good i only have a problem with the bottom of your pillar i wouldnt make it 1 block thicker right there just add a vertical half slab to the side maybe. Also in the interior i would like to see more screenshots of it as this is just one living room not really showing everything thats required in a dwarven house. Mind the celing of this room alltough you worked the support cominng from the pillars nicely the overall celing is still to flat add more depth by using slabs stairs and trapdoors of different meterials to. The meterials commonly used in dwarven houses are shown in example and general houses in any dwarven mine really

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Thank you for your feedback, ill take a look at how I can introduce them to my overall build.
I have added an extra link so that you can get a better look at the overall interior found in my dwarven house :smiley:

Your yellow stucco rohan house looks very nice, almost perfect really. The other rohan house you made (I believe it was your earlier attempt) is a bit out of style however, it’s more something you’d find in the Westfold than in the Folde, but still passable. Overall good stuff!

EDIT: nvm the exterior was mine lol


I’ve promoted you and pasted that house in. Few things need to be changed though.

No cupboards
This table looks a bit weird. Use the support block, or trapdoors with railings, or a desk
This ladder cuts through the beam
Have a good look around the other houses and try to improve your interior. It’s below standard, but good enough for apprentice.

I would lower the beams you’ve got to support the ceiling, and maybe replace them with the smaller ones that have a model. That way your interior feels less empty and you can add a more sensible space for storage in the loft bits. I would also make sure that all beds are on the ground floor, since smoke rises to the first floor. Also try to add more grass in your garden. It’s really muddy now and just not very realistic (imo). Also, the vegetables aren’t grouped together, which looks a bit odd. Lastly, you could consider making an extra entrance to the garden.

Good luck and post here with coords/a screenshot/descriptionofwheretofindabuild whenever you finish a house


Any update on this?

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Radius has done a house in Th but true he needs to update his application

My apologies for my absence on the server and the forums, it is currently exam season at my university and thus have been hugely preoccupied with my studies.
I plan to continue my application in the coming week.


Any update on you application?

Rejected for inactivity. If you wish to resume your apprenticeship please contact an Overseer and we’ll be happy to have you back.